Mary Beebe, Co-Warden; Anne Spillane, Co-Warden
Wayne Schmidt, Treasurer; Clerk, Judy Fenner,
Ann Couite, Connie Dee, Dan Hatch, Linda Martin,
Karen Megathlin, Tony Molis, Karen Wyman

Vestry Members

The vestry is the governing body of the parish.  It consists of twelve members, led by two co-wardens as Is the case at St. Peters.  These volunteers are nominated and elected by parishioners at our annual meeting and usually serve for a couple of years.  Our vestry meets monthly to discuss the “business” of the parish and addresses items that need attention.  These agenda items may concern the budget, the facilities, plans and visions for the parish, etc.  Decisions are made collectively by voting.  Each vestry member has a vote.  We encourage parishioners to stay engaged in the work of the parish.  Vestry meetings are open to the parish and parishioners are encouraged to speak with vestry members to learn about the work of the church and to share their own ideas and concerns.  Vestry minutes are available after each monthly meeting.