St. Peters Prayer Group

The Prayer Group prays. We meet weekly and follow a structured program. First we listen to music to help us let go of the commotion of the day and focus on our intentions. Then we do the following: offer up our thanksgivings to God, worship using the Service of Compline, pray our petitions, and end with a closing prayer and the Mizpah Benediction. We pray not only for the people of St. Peter’s, but for those nearby or far away. We accept all requests for prayers, be they thanksgivings or petitions, and always consider them sacred and confidential. This is a very committed group and meetings are almost never cancelled. Those who wish to request prayers may put them in the prayer request book that is in the Narthex, call the office, or call Mary Beebe at 508-428-4575. We welcome anyone who like to join us in the Library on Thursdays at 4:00.

For the past two years we have led an outreach project in which the Parish has participated: providing scholarships for students at the Bishop Tharp Institute in Haiti.

The Business and Technology Institute (BTI) of Les Cayes is a two-year institution of postsecondary education, modeled after a US community college, located on the Southwestern tip of Haiti in Les Cayes. The institute operates under the auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, with support from Episcopal Relief and Development and parishes and individuals throughout the United States.

BTI, one of the finest educational institutions in Haiti, has a two fold-mission. One, to provide students in Southwestern Haiti with the opportunity to achieve a high quality, American-style, university-level education without being forced to leave their families and homes in this region. BTI also strives to support the economic development of Les Cayes and the surrounding areas by providing skilled employees for existing businesses and by supporting entrepreneurial graduates in starting and successfully operating small businesses.

For more information about the school, visit the Bishop Tharp Institute web site:

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