National Outreach

St. Peters and the Mission of the Wider Church

Like all Episcopal Congregations, St. Peter’s Church is a part of a much larger whole, whether seen in terms of the Diocese of Massachusetts, the national Episcopal Church, the worldwide Anglican community, or the universal Christian Church. As such, it relates, specifically through the Outreach Committee, to a number or church-sponsored and secular organizations that seek to fulfill our Baptismal promise to seek peace and promote justice. In addition, the parish engages in activities that further our involvement with and support of the Mission of the Wider Church.

Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti two years ago, a major focus of this program has been on that country, and especially the Bishop Tharp Institute.

The Business and Technology Institute (BTI) of Les Cayes is a two-year institution of postsecondary education, modeled after a US community college, located on the Southwestern tip of Haiti in Les Cayes. The institute operates under the auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, with support from Episcopal Relief and Development and parishes and individuals throughout the United States.

BTI, one of the finest educational institutions in Haiti, has a twofold-mission. One, to provide students in Southwestern Haiti with the opportunity to achieve a high quality, American-style, university-level education without being forced to leave their families and homes in this region. BTI also strives to support the economic development of Les Cayes and the surrounding areas by providing skilled employees for existing businesses and by supporting entrepreneurial graduates in starting and successfully operating small businesses.

The Prayer Group is continuing our commitment to the Bishop Tharp Institute by guaranteeing to provide a one year scholarship to a student chosen by Father Ajax. We hope to be able to do this long into the future, thus changing the life of at least one person in Haiti every year. Our hope is that this one person will be able to then improve the lives of the people close to him. And the effect will then multiply. We welcome all who wish to join us in this mission. Please contact Mary Beebe at if you wish to contribute.

For more information about the school, visit the Bishop Tharp Institute web site:

For further information on the “St. Peter’s and the Mission of the Wider Church” project, please contact me before or after Sunday Worship, by email at, or by phone at 508-432-3483 or 860-391-3100.

The Rev. Russell H. Allen
Associate Clergy