Hospitality at St. Peters

As Christians we recognize that when people gathered around Jesus and received strength from him, they left joyful, “praising God.” This is what the Church, as the Body of Christ, is called to do. We gather to participate in the life of Jesus who blessed and healed and made whole. And we are called to imitate that blessing ourselves. At its best, a Christian community lifts up its members, freeing their gifts, supporting their life, and sending them forth into the world to participate in God’s Mission.

Ministry of Hospitality

The friendly and generous treatment of guests or strangers”. I think we all agree that hospitality is one of God’s spiritual gifts and part of Christ’s Commission or mandate to His Church. Moving beyond one’s instinct of being kindly or compassionate towards others, Hospitality welcomes, nurtures, supports both friend and stranger, parishioner and guests to our community of faith. It forms an active, shared ministry with different components. One might think of HOSPITALITY as an umbrella with different ribs forming its frame or a pizza with different ingredients. Saint Paul talked about this in his so-called “body language” in his First Letter to the Corinthians 12 (i.e. “foot”, “hand”, “eye”, and “ear”.)

People say that Saint Peter’s Church is a friendly, welcoming place that extends the ministry of hospitality. Thus, it is important to review, renew and enhance this charismatic gift amongst ourselves right now as we consider our stewardship pledges for 2008 “Opportunities for Ministry”–our time and talent. Here are the ingredients or components of hospitality at Saint Peter’s. We seek your ideas and participation in these avenues of special service here.

Fellowship Dining Groups

If you’re interested in participating in the October – May St. Peter’s Fellowship Dining Group gatherings which will meet approximately every other month, once in each other’s home, kindly contact the church office, (508-428-3561). Please note: NO bulletin board sign-up sheet will be posted! Both couples and singles are invited to participate! The maximum number that will be assigned to each group will be 8 participants.

By the beginning of October, each participant will receive in the mail or by e-mail, a schedule indicating the participants in each group as well as the rotation of location and what each participate will provide for the four suggested dates. Each assigned host will finalize the exact gathering date with the members of their group.

The main entrée, dinner rolls, dinner wine & coffee will be provided by the host home; appetizers & before dinner wine will be provided by the second couple or two singles; salad & vegetable will be provided by the third couple or two singles; and dessert will be provided by the fourth couple or two singles.