Adult Education at St. Peter’s

Adult Education at St. Peter’s

Adult Forums in 2016

The Adult Forum, the Adult Education program held every Sunday September through June, holidays excepted, begins about 11:20 in the Library and concludes sometime after 12 noon, depending on the topic.

More to the point the Adult Forum is a weekly gathering of people in a space and at a time designated for open and unstructured consideration, discussion, and sharing on a variety of topics relevant to the lives of those present.  It is not a formal Adult Christian Education course or Bible Study; it is not intended to prepare candidates for the Church’s sacraments. There is no curriculum, no content intended for dissemination, and no instrument of evaluation. There are no pre-established truths or expectations of doctrinal conformity. Its leader’s purpose is to facilitate the discussion in which all present are invited to participate. It is what its name implies: An Adult Forum.

 The Adult Forums in 2016  are focusing on several themes:

 “This I Believe.” Presentations by members of the parish community regarding their personal beliefs, the origin and source of their beliefs, and the role they play in their lives.

“Our Ministries.” Discussions of the various ways we serve the world in God’s name.

“Faith Traditions.” Presentations by persons of other religions and religious communities.

“Our Spiritual Journeys.” Considerations of the ways we observe and celebrate the seasons of the Liturgical Year.

“Our World.” Presentations on the ways we interact with and deal with the issues raised in the world in which we live.

Special programs and activities related to holidays, Feast Days, and other occasions.

The schedule for Adult Forums for the remainder of 2016 is as follows:

April 17: Faith Traditions. Judaism. Rabbi David Freelund, Cape Cod Synagogue.

April 24: Our World. Pat Sherlock / Grandmothers Against Gun Violence.

May 1: This I Believe. Gerard Armstrong.

May 8: This I Believe. Meredith David.

May 15: Parish-wide Event. No Adult Forum.

May 22: This I Believe. Ghislaine Lacerte.


June 5: This I Believe. Gerry Stanney.

June 12-September 11: Summer Hiatus. No Adult Forums.

September 18: Our Ministries. A NEW PROGRAM YEAR.

September 25: This I Believe. Barbara Spillane.

October 2: Faith Traditions. Buddhism. Jim Calvin, Abbot, and Tim Willard, Cape Cod Zen Center

October 9: This I Believe. George Jessop.

October 16: Faith Traditions. Unitarianism.

October 23: This I Believe. Dottie Schatz.



November 13: Our World. VETERANS DAY PROGRAM.

November 20: This I Believe. Susan Curran.

November 27, December 4, 11, and 18: Our Spiritual Journeys. ADVENT PROGRAMS.

December 25: THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, or Christmas Day.

Detailed information on the weekly Adult Forums are available throughout the year in the eBulletin and on the Church’s website.

The Rev. Russell H. Allen,

Pastoral Associate.